Players are looking for mu servers in forums and top 100 vote websites but they never know history of a mu server. We wanted to inspect mu servers and show their visitors if it's stable and long term mu online server or not. Private mu servers apply for license here and our website will generate a license number and license HTML code for that applicant server instantly. If you are running a private mu online server which is meeting our necessary requirements, you can apply for a license now! Check out our license requirements and apply today.

  • Necessary Characteristics
  • Does server has a website?
  • Does website account registration work?
  • Does website download links work?
  • Good! Now you can apply for server license!

When private mu online game servers apply for a server license, server will immediately get Licensed banner but license will be seen as Registered at server license validation on our website. After server application, Server will be inspected if it contains necessary characteristics we're looking for and then our inspectors will approve their application. We inspect every server once in every 4 months cycle. If a server doesn't meet necessary characteristics when it's inspected by us, server license will be Revocated by our organization. In this case, server can request for another inspection for their server. And when they're licensed after a revocation, their license date will be updated.

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